Butterflies up close

I am still experimenting with what I can achieve with the Lumix G9, so this week I decided to have a go at macro photography using my 100-400 lens.  I was in Manukau, so the  obvious choice was to go to Butterfly Creek as I knew there would be plenty of subjects to photograph. I wasn’t disappointed, there were way more butterflies than my previous visit and now we aren’t in the heat of summer I didn’t mind the warmth in the butterfly house at all.

Usually I have just photographed whatever I could see that would make an image, but this time I walked around looking at the plants before I lifted the camera. I then waited for a butterfly to land on the spot I had chosen before hitting the shutter. I then checked the image to ensure the background was pleasing and if not, I moved to get the same shot with a slightly different background.

Luckily the butterflies were so busy sucking at the nectar that they stayed long enough for me to get the image I wanted.  All of these images were shot at f/8 which gave me a sharp subject and a soft background.  I tried to open up the aperture but had trouble with the auto-focus again so I just stuck with what worked. I really pleased with the resulting images and hope you enjoy them too.

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