#HUTT2019 PSNZ National Convention

For the last two years I have been a part of a team of five who worked all sorts of crazy hours to host the Hutt2019 convention on behalf of Hutt Camera Club for the Photographic Society of New Zealand. This weekend past all of our hard work came to fruition and the event happened. We had a few minor hic-ups but for the most part everything went to plan, stuck to time (or went ahead of time) and even the weather gods played nice for us. It was a full on weekend for our team and we made it through to the end. I am proud of all of us! One of the down sides of actually hosting the event is that there often isn’t time to enjoy the workshops and opportunities that you are offering to the delegates. This was indeed the case for me.

I did manage to sit in on a small portion of Tracey Scott’s workshop where she was setting up for a composite image. It was really good to see how she works and how it all was coming together as she shot each component of the final image. I especially liked the meowing she did to get the dog to look in the right direction – it worked!

My camera stayed in its bag the entire weekend but I did manage a few shots with my cell phone. These images are the work in progress with the model standing like a statue being unable to move at all while the dog was moved from side to side. You can see in the last two images here that I moved to get a different angle. In the final image it was to appear as if there were two dogs in the image. Very clever and not something I had though of doing before. There was a large group of people enjoying this along with me and they got to have a chance to photograph the models themselves after Tracey had completed her presentation. By that time I had swapped out and Helen got to spend some time in the workshop also.

After such a busy long weekend it has taken me a few days to get back to my normal self. My feet are rested and I have slept like a baby for the last couple of nights so I am all good to get back out with my camera again. Hopefully I will get to visit the kingfishers sometime tomorrow.

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