In search of titipounamu

Yet another trip to Zealandia this weekend, this time in search of the titipounamu that have recently been released in the sanctuary.  Alas this time I didn’t see any but that just makes me more determined to go back and keep on looking.  I have never seen one before and now the opportunity is right here in Wellington, I am going to make sure I get to tick this wee bird off my wish list.  Instead I have a mixed bunch of images to show you starting with the shag who was busy collecting nesting material.  It was interesting to see how it was reaching up from the water to take leaf material from overhanging plants.

Next up we have the bellbird. There was a couple with two small boys at the bellbird feeder and one of the boys was a little upset.  We talked to them briefly and found they were looking to tick birds of their list, not only seeing a bellbird but actually hearing one sing.  Right at that moment a bellbird perched nearby and started to sing its heart out. The little boys tears were gone and they were happy to be able to tick another one off their list.  I managed to get this one shot in focus before the bird flew off, but I am really happy with this shot.

You can’t go for a walk around Zealandia without coming across a friendly North Island Robin.  It’s not that they really want to be friendly, but they do like the bugs that are disturbed by out walking along the track.  This one was very keen to get close to us, so I fluffed up some leaves on the other side of the track and it went straight over to investigate.Next up is not my most favourite of subjects but when it was pointed out to me I wouldn’t resist having a go at photographing it.   Not sure why I am attempting so many shots that should be taken with a marco lens, without one, but I am not about to walk past an opportunity without giving it a go.  I have no idea what type of spider this is and I really don’t care that much, but I did like the web work.

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