Circus Cabaret

There were many different shows on in Thames over the weekend of the Steampunk Festival starting on Thursday and going right through to Sunday.   On the Friday we kept ourselves very busy with the high tea and biscuit dunking duel followed by a circus show not long after.  The high tea may make it into another post as I have yet to look at the images from that event.  This post will be about the circus show in the afternoon and the cabaret in the evening.  What we didn’t realise when booking was that they were the same show!  The evening show was a little more adult but essentially it was the same show.

While this may have been a little disappointing financially because essentially we paid to see the same thing twice, as photographers it was a bit of a bonus.  We knew what was coming next so were able to get the camera settings how we wanted them and the images that we didn’t quite catch the first time round were done much better the second time.  Both shows were essentially low light situations and we didn’t want to use flash as that would be extremely distracting to the performers. So we pushed our cameras to their limits and managed to get some really interesting shots.

Having traveled from Upper Hutt to attend the Steampunk Festival, I was surprised and delighted to see that the performers were from Wellington!  There is so much talent in Wellington that I have not yet seen, so it was really good watching these guys and getting some images that I am super happy with out of the experience is the icing on the cake.  Just goes to show that I can do more than just nature photography! It took me back to the days when I was photographing the burlesque shows way back before my feet gave up on me. This time I was seated in the stands the entire time so no stress on my feet at all. So much fun!



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