Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball Photography

Nope, I am not trying to tell the future, but I have often looked at images that had crystal balls in them and wanted to play with something similar.  I have lots of ideas of what I want to do with my crystal ball but figured I would start with the basic landscape (seascape) shots first.

I have seen many people rotate the image inside the ball to match the background but until I learn how to do that cleanly, I just ain’t gonna do it.  The resulting images look fake and I don’t like that.  I did have a play with a long exposure image through the ball and that worked well. The image below is a slow exposure of the same spot in the image above. Might explore that further next time.

For now I am happy with these images as my first attempts and know I can only get better with practice.  I hope you enjoy these images and would be interested in your comments.

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