IMG_4965-blog2While attending the PSNZ National Convention, I went on a field trip to Ship’s Cove and Motuara Island.  On the way out there the skipper of the boat told us that if he saw dolphins on the way we would take a detour to get an opportunity to photograph them.  The boat we were on had room up on top for lots of photographers to have a clear view of everything around us but as stairs and I don’t go well together I set myself up at the back of the boat on the main deck.IMG_5023-blog2Having done a dolphin trip in the past in Kaikoura, and been out with family on a boat in the Bay of Islands where we also saw dolphins, I had a fair idea of how it would play out; especially when the skipper said he would keep motoring while they were around the boat.  There were several boats out amongst the dolphins when we found them and it was exactly as I had hoped.  The dolphins enjoy playing in the wake of the boat and skipping along beside the boat as it moves.  I was counting on this behaviour to get the shot I wanted.IMG_4983-blog2Most of the folk on our boat had short lenses on as they were recommended prior to the trip starting for dolphins, and they were all able to capture them up close to our boat.  I had other plans!  I knew that if I wanted to capture the dolphins jumping out of the water I would need to have my big lens and white it was frustrating not being able to capture the ones close up to our boat I just had to be patient and to focus around the other boats.  I was beginning to think I had made a mistake in my decision when it all came together for me.IMG_4960-blog2The dolphins were playing with a boat directly behind us and when one soared out of the water I was ready for it. I managed to get a sequence of shots of the dolphin flying above the water before diving back into the depths.   I am so pleased I went with the lens choice I made and stuck with it because I managed to capture a shot that I had failed to achieve in past trips using a shorter lens.  It was the highlight of my day… until we got to Motuara Island, but that is another blog post to come.IMG_4963-blog2

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