Len Lye Centre – New Plymouth

IMG_1766-EditAfter getting my early sunrise image of the Te Rewa Rewa bridge, a couple of local photographers suggested we follow them to the Len Lye Centre.  They told us that first light was best this time of day to photograph it, and no one would be there.  They were right!IMG_1764-EditThe Len Lye Centre is a futuristic looking building that is completely clad in stainless steel.  It gives reflections from all the buildings around it and because the stainless steel is waved, not flat, it distorts the reflections in many ways.IMG_1770-EditThe convention program suggested this as an option in the afternoon and I am sure many people where there at that time.  I really don’t like dodging other cameras for my shots, especially when I am doing 30 second exposures as I was here.IMG_1760-EditI used a couple of stacked ND filters and tried to get a different type of image to those of my companions.  Slowing down the exposures means I think more and shoot less.  Capturing the sun rising was very challenging as it very quickly became too bright.IMG_1773-EditOf course I had to take a reflection selfie – it made me look so thin 🙂  Dreams are free…
Big thank you to Viv and Cody for being our guides for the morning.IMG_1777

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