Miranda landscapes

Miranda-13-blogWhen we first arrived at Miranda and went for a look around the area, we didn’t see many birds at all other than in the cloud formations, so we concentrated on the landscape instead.  I am not really into landscape photography, mainly because I don’t think I do it very well.  I can never seem to produce what my eye sees and that annoys me enough to usually not bother to try. Miranda-1-blog I might change that one day but for now, landscapes are not something you will see a lot of from me.  So I wasn’t really geared up for photographing landscapes either, my polarising filter was back at the motel unit as were my ND filters. I just wasn’t as prepared as I should have been so the resulting images are pretty much just record shots and have not had any great artistic creativity added.  I loved the layers of colour that the landscape provided even with the tide out and tried to capture that in these images.Miranda-15-blog   Miranda-92-blog    Miranda-91-blog    Miranda-9-blog


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