More from yesterday

IMG_7473-blog2On the way home from Waikanae, we stopped in at the inlet to check out what the kingfishers were up to.  We had called in on the way out but the tide was totally out so while I saw plenty of them, they were too far out to bother with. IMG_7461-blog2 So I sat down to wait with my camera on a tripod for a change instead of the monopod and I was ready for them.  I am not sure I liked the tripod as the head was not ideal for the big lens and was too cumbersome to move easily when I needed it to.  I might have to look at getting a different head for it specially for the big lenses.  IMG_7468-blog2Anyway one kingfisher came and played for a bit before heading off into the distance.  I was happy with that and decided to head home.IMG_7455-blog2 IMG_7556-blog2

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