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More from Zealandia

Usually my posts focus on one or two subjects, but our visit to Zealandia was so good yesterday that I have more images to share.  This is a real mixed bag of images.  My intention on this visit was to put my camera through its paces testing out different auto focus settings.  To do this I shot a variety of subjects to get to the point where I was comfortable knowing that I had selected the best setting for my personal style of photography.

I guess I am not your typical bird photographer, because the settings recommended by the experts just didn’t work for me.  Birds in the bush move fast, they don’t stop for the camera to catch up so I need to be able to react fast and I need the camera to do the same.  I got some great shots yesterday but I did it going back to settings I was comfortable with.   I love my camera to bits, I love the freedom it has given me but I think next time I am in a low light situation where I have trouble focusing, I might try using the monopod to see if it isn’t my shaky hands at fault.

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