Pied Stilt Chicks

Pied Stilt chick

I have been a bit slack in my processing of late and still have a heap of unprocessed images waiting attention.  Today’s images are from two weeks ago so I imagine the chicks are a good deal larger now, if they survived.

Pied Stilt chick

I have seen hawks hunting above the ponds where the chicks were and I have seen adult pied stilts take them on mid flight – such is their need to protect their young. The day I took these shots I had been around to the hide and seen nothing, so I walked down the road to get a different view and sure enough I found them.

Pied Stilt chick

The mother bird also found me and she hustled the chicks under her wings as quickly as she could.  Not quick enough to prevent me getting some shots of her babies first.

Pied Stilt mother and chicks

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