Pay It Forward

Resized-427Every now and then you hear a story that really gets to you and you feel a need to help out in any way you can.  Some friends of mine were planning and saving for their wedding when a family tragedy struck and their funds were needed elsewhere.  In true kiwi spirit their friends gave what they could and the wedding went ahead.  I gave them their wedding photography.Resized-415It was a bit ambitious of me to take this one, having already refused the job when they first asked me to do it for them.  I am still recovering from foot surgery.  So if you can imagine a beautiful garden wedding ceremony, short hedges down both sides of the aisle, and a photographer sitting on a chair in the middle of it – that was me!Resized-409It was a beautiful wedding with their children taking part in the ceremony.  They have been together for nine years and have already built a family together.  If their family grows I hope I get the opportunity to photograph that life event also.  I really enjoyed being able to record these precious moments for them and seeing their faces when they saw the photos made it all worth while.Resized-473


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