welcome swallows

Pekapeka Wetlands – Hastings

The final stop on our way home was the Pekapeka Wetlands.  Sometimes there are a lot of birds here and other times next to nothing.  I was a little disappointed in this visit but my expectations weren’t high in the first place.  There were a few swans but not doing anything to grab my attention.  I saw one dabchick from a distance and surprisingly no coots.

The welcome swallows were flitting about and I could see there were some youngsters amongst them.  They were not happy about my being there and kept their distance.  I was hoping they would feed the young ones while I was sitting watching at the ready but alas it didn’t happen and I didn’t have the patience to wait that long.

There were a number of shags which I managed to capture a few images of but after spending 20 minutes sitting watching nothing I was ready to go home.  This last image of the shag taking off was pretty much where I was at this point also – heading home after three weeks on the road.

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