Playing with the Keas

1E6A8120-EditMy brilliant husband came up with an idea of somewhere to take the camera that didn’t involve a lot of walking.  The kea aviary at Staglands.  We didn’t bother walking around the entire park as it is more than I can cope with right now, so I concentrated solely on the keas.  1E6A8371They are such cheeky fun birds to photograph.  Unfortunately there is not a lot of light in the aviary so I had to be quick when the birds got into the available light. 1E6A8145 We timed it right, it was almost feed time so they were very active and more often than not way too close to the camera, but that just gave me more opportunity to get some creative shots.1E6A8098-Edit

Note that all I did not use flash for any of these images but due to the differing lighting situations around the aviary, they all look very different.  I had fun today, it might not have lasted long but it was well worth the effort.  1E6A8035-EditThank you Staglands for a fun hour.

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