Treasures from the archives

IMG_4692This weekend I was supposed to be in Queenstown at the PSNZ National Convention.  Unfortunately circumstances prevented me from attending, but it got me thinking this morning about the last time I was in the South Island at a National Convention a couple of years ago.  It was hosted in Blenheim and my favourite image of the entire weekend was the sunrise at the wreck of the Waverley.  I ruined a pair of expensive runners walking through flood water to get there but it was more than worth it!IMG_4731National Conventions always have the best field trips and the one I took to the Marlborough Sounds was perfect.  I won’t go into detail because I have blogged about it in the past but these images never got processed so I don’t mind posting them now.  Being on a small boat in from of a large ferry was kind of weird.  You don’t normally get to see the big boats from this angle.  This one is the Stena Alegra.IMG_4960

We had dolphins swimming alongside the boat and jumping up around us.  I had the wrong lens on and no time to change, so I had to focus on the ones a little further away.  We also passed gulls in a feeding frenzy which I just couldn’t resist photographing.  IMG_6161The last image is of the pine trees which our skipper told us were being poisoned to allow the native bush to regenerate and take over.  By now I imagine these trees have already fallen. I am disappointed that I am not in Queenstown enjoying all the Autumn colours but all going well I will make it to the next Nation which is being held in Auckland next year.IMG_4746

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