Website Design

blog-web3Due to my recent foot surgery it has been a while since I have been able to get out with my camera, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.  So I have been busy doing other things that I enjoy, such as website design.

I am actively seeking clients at the moment so if you have a need for a website then please get in touch. I use WordPress templates and customise them to suit. Training is given to allow you to do your own updates if you prefer, or I can manage the site for you if you so choose.

blog-web1These websites are a few of my most recent clients – click on the images to visit each site.  A couple of them were done a year back and have been recently revamped, and the other is only a few weeks old.  My clients have all had some training and are managing their sites on their own now – doing blog updates, uploading photos and content changes where necessary.

blog-web2The beauty of using a WordPress template is the wonderful content management system it uses. I can build your website, customise it to suit your needs and then show you how to maintain your website giving you complete control over the content. I can also assist you with website hosting packages that include a free domain name as part of the deal.  The sites are hosted in New Zealand with New Zealand based technical support. Need or want a website?  Contact me now!

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