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I haven’t been out for a couple of weeks due to weather and other commitments. Instead I have been working on updating my Lightroom Collections.  In the past I have been pretty slack about adding my bird images into collections, however in the last week I have been through the last three years worth and they are all in their own collections now by species. Slow laborious work but definitely worth it.  Now I am going through each collection (which includes many images I should have culled) and finding some treasures. Lightroom had some updates recently and while I did the updates, I didn’t bother to read what the improvements are.  Today I found out!  I was playing with the image below and wondered if I could lighten the bird a bit with a radial mask, but when I looked for the familiar icon it was gone.


Instead I found one for masks and when I clicked on that I got a short tutorial. Yes I actually watched it and can’t believe how easy it was to turn a trash image into something I would be happy to print and put on the wall. I asked Lightroom to ‘select subject’ and it did exactly that!  No messy edges, no pieces of branch, nothing to tidy up.  I was able to lighten up the bird without the rest of the image changing and I have to admit I was a little gobsmacked. Who knew all that detail was there to be found! (See the image below).  I am sure there will be a lot of Lightroom users out there who are laughing at me right now, but I have never really done much in Lightroom other than sort my images.  Most of my processing is done in Photoshop.  That said, I am always keen to learn something new and I have to thank Adobe for this update as it has made this type of work very easy!


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  1. Rob Vanderpoel

    The Intersect option is great as well. I use Select Subject or Select Sky and then intersect it with luminosity range mask

  2. Grea to hear you discovered the updates and Masks. I didn’t realise you didn’t use LR that much. I’ve been using the new Masks regularly and love them, especially the new “Select Subject” or “Select Sky”, and being able to Invert.
    So mmuch to learn and apply, not enough time to do it all though!!!
    Thanks for sharing your post. And beautiful “After” image too.

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