Rifleman / titipounamu continued

I have been back to the riflemen a few times now and am totally obsessed with them.  They are so tiny and so fast!  I used to think kingfishers were quick but they have nothing on these little guys.  They arrive without you noticing and after seeing them if you blink they are gone.

When we first started watching these tiny birds it was only the male that we saw. He was taking nesting material and food to the nest about every 30 minutes or so, the rest of the time was just sitting and waiting.

This last visit was very different. Both male and female were busy flitting back and forth with all sorts of bug delights for their chicks who were safely tucked away in the nest.  We figure there must be at least three chicks as we witnessed three egg shells being removed from the nest for disposing of elsewhere. A clever way to ensure the nest looks unused from outside.

I am already planning my next visit and hoping that at some stage I will get to see the chicks as well.  I can just imagine how small they are!

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