Spring time is the best!

After a long winter where the photographic opportunities are squeezed into the few sunny days we have, spring is finally here.  The last few weeks have been magic for bird photography and yesterday the best yet.  We have two small kowhai trees out the front of our house.  They are very close to the house and the windows are large, so I have a natural hide.  I can sit at my dining table with a cup of tea and my camera and see the tui and the silvereyes feast on the kowhai flowers.

Late yesterday afternoon, my husband came in and said “there’s a tui in the tree”.  He didn’t even get a hello from me, I was immediately diving for the camera before the bird flew off.  But it didn’t fly off, instead it was joined by two more and I had a glorious 20 minutes watching them check out all the open flowers.  The light wasn’t the best but that didn’t stop me.  I am obsessive about getting the shots when the birds are so close.

I was hoping to get some more today but as I type this the sun has left, the wind has just pick up to strong gust and the hail is just starting to fall.  Not a bird in sight.  Hopefully after this storm passes through the tui will be ready for a good feast of kowhai again.  I hope you enjoy yesterday’s images.

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