Take Two – The difference an hour makes.

IMG_6053-blogYesterday I wrote about the Eastern Rosellas and today is no different. Today’s images though have totally different light to yesterdays.  There was an hour and a half between the two sets of images and in that time the sun had moved and everything changed. The background lightened up, bokeh was more evident and the jury is still out as to whether I prefer the first set or the second. IMG_6258-blog If it wasn’t for my trusty assistant (husband) I might have missed some of the second feeding.  I was busy talking to some random people who had walked by and wanted to know what I was doing and was totally distracted from watching the nest.  Could have been a disaster for me because I didn’t have the time to wait three hours which is how long it was before they were fed again! IMG_6237-blogI really wanted to go back and have another go at them but it is raining today and the next opportunity I am likely to get will be next weekend.  I suspect that by then at least half of them will have fledged.  Who knows, if the weather is good I might…IMG_6232-blog   IMG_6149-blog   IMG_6065-blogaa

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