The Banded Rail

Miranda-152-blogBefore heading to Miranda to see the shore birds, I spoke to many folk who had been there before me.  I was told of the Banded Rail that could be seen by the gate at dusk. On the first evening we went to the hides there were a couple of photographers stalking something in the mangroves near the gate but we couldn’t see what so continued on our way. The next day we wandered down there and sure enough there it was with two chicks.  I didn’t think it would be that easy but to see them but it was.Miranda-154-blogPhotographing them on the other hand was extremely hard. The light was not good in the mangroves that first day but it ended up being the only opportunity I had to shoot them.  I tried seeing them from the car but they were tucking themselves under the lip of the bank so were not visible and as soon as you got a camera close to ready they were long gone.  I suspect they were totally over humans trying to photograph them.  So the resulting shots from the first sighting were all I managed but as record shots I am happy with them.Miranda-155-blog    Miranda-151-blog

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