The damselfly meets the Pukeko family

blog1Down at a local park live the Pukeko family. There are several family members of varying ages and they are quite used large cameras being pointed at them now.  So much so if the cameras don’t move too much they will just go about their daily business and totally ignore them.  It has taken me quite a few visits to get to this point but it is working well.  On the day these images were taken there were two large cameras pointing at them and they still performed for us. blog2I love photographing the parent birds feeding their chicks, it is sort of a side project that is growing each year. This year it is the Pukeko family.  I haven’t really paid much attention to what they were actually feeding the chick because mostly I just see them pulling up oxygen weed stalks and feeding from those. So I was super excited when I blew up one image and saw the damselfly!  blog3This sequence of images were shot in one burst but they show how the damselfly is passed from parent to chick.  I have had to crop them in quiet tight to show this to you all. Now of course I am going to go back through previous shoots to see if I have any other exciting stuff that I have ignored.  I am sure there will be!  Also curious as to whether the other photographer who was with me at the time managed to get this with his even bigger lens!blog4

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