Matiu / Somes Island

IMG_6178-blogYesterday there was a break in the weather so we took the opportunity to take our remaining guests over to Matiu / Somes Island for the day.  It might not have been one of our best suggestions as it was still a bit windy but we got to explore the island so now we know what is there and when not to visit.  I think there might be a lot more to see when the wind isn’t blowing a gale!IMG_5853-blogHowever we did have a pleasant walk around the island. I got to see a Kakariki fledgling being fed by it’s parent – the photos didn’t turn out too good but that’s ok.  There were gekos and skinks to see, we missed the tuatara but apparently there were some seen by others.  The fantails played for us as did the black backed gulls.  I almost tossed out one photo I had taken in the hope of seeing nests, then on looking closer I saw there were two chicks beside the nest.  I checked each image a bit better after that.IMG_5720-blogToday is very much a day of recovery for my poor feet. I think I really pushed them to the limit yesterday but at least now I know where my limits are.  I am going to ignore those limits again in a couple of weeks time when I head up to Miranda for a few days.  I remember camping there as a child, and before my father passed it was one of his favourite places. It will be fun to return there after so many years.IMG_5899-blog     IMG_5890-blog     IMG_6090-blog       IMG_5667-blog     IMG_5920-blog       IMG_6044-blog     IMG_5702-blog

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