The Harrier Hawk

IMG_0364-blogI headed back to the inlet this afternoon in the hope getting some more kingfisher shots.  I still am not satisfied with what I have got and will continue to strive to improve until I am.  I love a good challenge! IMG_0360-blog I decided to back off a bit in distance from where I usually sit as the kingfishers have been avoiding the perches close to me when I am there.  I learnt at Zealandia that a metre in distance can make a huge difference to the birds, so I moved over a couple of metres further away from the perches.  IMG_0178-blogIt worked, almost immediately a kingfisher sat on the perch and tossed his dinner down in front of me.  I will continue at this distance for a while then slowly inch my way back to where I was last year.  This year’s birds just need to be trained!  Actually I think they are training me but that’s ok.  IMG_0221-blogIt was peaceful and quite at the inlet this evening, until the hawk flew in that is.  The spur-winged plovers flew into the air in a mad panic and the hawk chased them around for a bit before flying off, and the kingfishers vanished.  It happened so fast I almost missed it, only managing to get a few clear shots of the hawk before it was out of range.  IMG_0429-blogFive minutes later everything was back to normal again and the kingfishers returned. IMG_0328-blog     IMG_0343-blog

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