The Shore Plover

IMG_9668-blogOne of the world’s rarest birds, the shore plover is a very cute little coastal bird that until today had eluded me.  I heard they were planning to capture the shore plovers that frequent Plimmerton as they are in danger of predation and after seeing a few dogs there this afternoon without leashes I can believe this. IMG_9795-blog I was really determined to photograph the shore plovers before their departure so made plans to head over there this afternoon.  The light was right and so was the tide but when we arrived there were no shore plovers.  It was with a great deal of disappointment that we decided to head back to the car and go look for something else.  A few steps short of the car I noticed something small fly overhead.  img_9658-blogJoy of joys it was the shore plovers flying in and it wasn’t a wasted trip afterall.  They circled are for a few minutes before settling on the rocks to feed.  Suffice to say I have several images awaiting processing now and it may take some time before I get through them all.  This post is just a few for your enjoyment.img_9890-blogimg_9984-blog


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