Waikanae Birds

1e6a0546-blogMy foot is taking a lot longer to heal than the other one did, so I have not been out with the camera anywhere near as much as I would like.  Last weekend I tried – we headed up to Waikanae without even checking the tide – first mistake. When we got there all I saw was white-baiters, and they were everywhere!  Not a bird in sight!1e6a0553-blog

So we went around to one of the ponds we had been introduced to last time we headed up this way and there was little there also.  The family of ducklings had grown in size but sadly dropped in numbers down to just four ducklings. They were too far away to capture with the camera so I looked elsewhere.1e6a0558-blog

The lone kingfisher stayed put for all of two minutes while I grabbed a shot and then it was gone.  The pukeko did one walk by and it too was gone.  So I followed the path around a bit and found… wait for it… more white-baiters!  I came away rather disappointed with just three images to show for the trip.  There’s always next time…

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