IMG_3187-blogYesterday the sun was shining despite the weather forecast, so we went for a drive to Waikanae.  In retrospect it was probably not the brightest thing to do just before a major holiday, the traffic was backed up for a bit of the trip, but we got there in the end.  We took a picnic lunch and enjoyed the sunshine.IMG_3204-blogThere wasn’t a lot of bird life about and what was there was constantly getting disturbed by people.  Fly fishers, kayaks, swimmers, they were all there and they were all enjoying themselves.  It was a grand day to be at the beach.  IMG_3754-blogI spent the time practicing capturing birds in flight as I am still not as good at this as I would like to be. So that means many of the images were heading straight for the cull pile.  I did keep a few to share though.  The shags were fun with their stick collecting, there was a family of New Zealand Scaups about and one Dabchick.  No partridge in the pear tree tho… actually not even a pear tree!  Merry Christmas everyone! IMG_3714-blog

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