White-fronted Tern

White-fronted terns at Scorching Bay

We had planned a weekend away, a full day boat trip and lots of dolphin image for my blog, but alas the weather gods didn’t play nice and the boat trip was cancelled. So we stayed home instead. Today we headed over to one of our favourite eateries (Choc Fish or Kai Moana) in Shelly Bay. They do wonderful BBQ meals and are always consistent in quality. Lunch was good!

After we had eaten we went for a drive around the bays, and found a flock of white-fronted terns at Scorching Bay, so we stopped the car and got the camera out. At one point a large black backed gull swooped over squarking and scared them all off the rocks for a bit, but eventually they came back.

There were still a few youngsters among the flock, they can be identified by the speckles on their wing feathers. That and their demanding attitude towards their parents. Not being dressed for the wind, we didn’t stay too long but I hope you enjoy these images. And yes, one of them is a gull 😉

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