Californian Quail

Third week in a row…

We made it back to Zealandia again today, that’s three weeks in a row that I have visited there. It’s been a while since I was such a regular visitor there. They were very busy this morning with two cruise ships in town and a very large number of people arriving in buses to experience our native bush and birds.

Walking down the path we came across a quail sitting on the fence. This bird was fearless, he just sat there will I crept in closer with the camera and wasn’t bothered by me a bit. Some of the birds at Zealandia are getting very used to people being around them with silly bits of plastic up close to their eyes. I wonder what they think we are doing…

We headed back to the same spot as last time to test out the new setting configuration for auto-focusing but alas I am still having a problem with it in low light. I will have to ask the experts what I am doing wrong I think. I did manage one hihi at the feeder but that was all this week. There were a lot less birds and a lot more people this week.

It was a little chilly sitting in the shade so we headed off to the kaka feeders below the dam. Totally deserted apart from one tui, it wasn’t a good place to stay. I did play with the tui for a little bit as it had no fear of either me or the camera and I managed to get within a metre of it – far too close for the lens but I was curious as to how close it would let me go. I backed off again to let another photographer in for a shot.

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