White Peacocks

blog-Ngatea_Water_Gardens-29 These images were taken in the Ngatea Water Gardens. The gardens are absolutely beautiful and I could have quite happily stayed there for hours, and indeed we did spend a fair bit of time there. The gardens  double as a wedding venue and it is easy to see why. What was even more fitting was the pair of white peacocks. I can imagine the images the bride could get with the peacock displaying is white plumage beside her white dress.  blog-Ngatea_Water_Gardens-23I didn’t want to take the usual peacock shots so concentrated on doing something different.  Partially because they were too close, and I had my large lens on and I was too lazy to change it!  So I tried for a few abstracts looking through the veil of feathers and I was really happy with the outcome. blog-Ngatea_Water_Gardens-76 Then when the female finally started to take notice of the male we sat and watched a very intimate moment between the two of them.  The female was grooming the male – nothing unusual there! – and he just stood there enjoying the attention. blog-Ngatea_Water_Gardens-96 There was also a pair of ducks that I found interesting.  Not your usual run of the mill ducks, it took me a while to identify these two but they are Wood Ducks.  Very cute little birds they are too, I would have liked to have seen their ducklings but alas they didn’t have any.blog-Ngatea_Water_Gardens-102

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