Wow what a week!

After yesterday’s excitement you would think things would calm down and I would be getting back into taking photos but for sometime now I have been keeping some other exciting news to myself, waiting for the time it appeared online.

I was approached by a Wellington graphic designer about one of my images that they wanted to use on a client’s project.  I checked that I still had a high resolution copy of the image they found in my blog and then we discussed what they wanted it for. For me that was when the excitement really started. The client was NZ Post and the project was a stamp collection.  Wow!

Image from NZ Post site advertising pre-ordering of stamps and first day covers – click to visit the NZ Post site.

Never underestimate the power of a personal website and blog, mine has given me so many opportunities that I would have otherwise missed out on, this being one of the biggest.  The image is of the Castle Point Reef, the project “Rock Legends” was feature iconic rock formations around the country that looked like they had heads or faces in them.  I couldn’t really see that in my image, but now they have cropped it for the stamp, it is very obvious.  I never thought I would have a NZ Stamp in my portfolio but now I do and it is so exciting.  I can’t wait until August 7th to get myself a first day cover and set of the stamps.

Image from NZ Post site advertising pre-ordering of stamps and first day covers – click to visit the NZ Post site.

The photo of the reef was taken in 2013 and is included in a post on this site here   The original image size is small because it was imported from a previous version of my blog, but the key thing is that it was there, and was found by google.  I know a lot of people are worried about their images being stolen if they put them online, but if you reduce the resolution and post them small, there is no way they can be used in a good quality print production without a high resolution copy being asked for.  Not having them online is limiting your opportunities.

I am going to post a shameless plug here for my own business.  I am a website designer working solely with WordPress sites.  I am always looking for more work and if you are keen to put yourself out there to find your own opportunities then check out this page for a very affordable website solution.

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