Yellow crowned kākāriki at Pūkaha

I try to keep Friday’s free for a day of photography. It is one of the benefits of being self-employed. This week’s plan was a visit to Pūkaha where I photographed the riflemen last year. I was hoping to find a nesting pair again this year, but that didn’t happen on this visit. What I did manage to photograph there for the first time, was the yellow crowned kākāriki. I was told that they have a large number of these birds there now and will be releasing some into the forest after Christmas this year. I look forward to hearing their chatter in the trees when walking through the forest.

These images are all of aviary birds that are part of their breeding program. It is not always easy to see them in their aviary, let alone manage to focus the camera beyond the netting to the birds, however I managed to capture these images to share with you all. Please enjoy, and share this photoblog with your friends.

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