A mixed bundle

Snow leopard

Wellington Zoo recently welcomed Asha and Manju (sisters) from Melbourne Zoo last month and it has taken a few visits there for me to manage some images of the pair. They very quickly found the few places in their enclosure that they could soak up the sun and not be visible to those in the viewing area.

While I was waiting on the snow leopards to show themselves, I visited the lions. Usually they are asleep or out of sight, but this time there was some construction happening nearby, so they were very interested in it. As soon as I stood up on the viewing platform the lion looked straight into the camera which gave me the image above.

Akida is the youngest of the chimps at Wellington Zoo and his antics are always entertaining. Here (above) he is trying to work out a way to climb on top of a plastic bouy that he keeps sliding off. After a few minutes of deep thought he just gave up and found something else to play with.

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