Another kākā colour morph

After seeing Pinky-B, we headed off for a walk around the valley with the aim of seeing if she was still there on our way back. On our return we didn’t find Pinky-B, she was being her normal elusive self. In her place we found a noisy kākā youngster demanding to be fed. Its squarking didn’t do any good, other than to scare off any of the other kākā around it.

What is remarkable about this noisy youngster is that it too has different colours than normal. We have dubbed this guy “Chocky” after his lovely chocolate coloured feathers, and being found so close to Easter weekend. So now there are three different colour morphs in the Zealandia kākā population.

And again in the interests of comparison, the image below was also taken today and is of a kākā with normal colours.

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