A trip to Kapiti Island

Ever since I moved to the Wellington Region, I have wanted to go to Kapiti Island.  I am not sure why it has taken nearly 23 years to do it, but thanks to a Hutt Camera Club field trip, I finally got there. Of course now I wish I had gone earlier and often!  Everywhere you looked there were birds, most of them way too fast for the camera to capture but just seeing and hearing them was a fantastic experience.  This time of year there were loads of youngsters about too, the constant calling for food from the whitehead fledglings was heard almost everywhere I went.  I didn’t manage an image of them as they were in dense bush or way up high, but I saw them and that was enough for me 🙂  So cute!  This is a selection of the images I have from the day. From top to bottom, we have North Island robin, juvenile tui, juvenile saddleback, North Island robin, red-crowned kakariki, red-crowned kakariki, saddleback. Enjoy!


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