hihi or stitchbird

A visit to Zealandia

Saturday morning saw us at Zealandia to see how the new camera managed with the bush. I am writing this post out of order because I enjoyed the dog agility on Sunday more.  This is not to say I didn’t enjoy Zealandia, but I did struggle with the new camera there.  This was in part because I had the wrong settings for the type of focusing I was needing, and not enough experience with the camera to know how to fix it. Thankfully as a member of Zealandia, I can go back as often as I want to get in more practice now I have the settings corrected.

I did manage to get up to the discovery area where the hihi feeders are, so that was an achievement.  There wasn’t a lot of action happening there at the time we did see two hihi and one bellbird. They were so fast and stealth like that I missed them most of the time.  The one little robin that popped in for a visit wasn’t cooperating with me either, he just wanted to get too close and friendly all the time.  There is plenty of natural food about for the birds at the moment, so the feeders are not so important to them.  I will try again when the natural food is less abundant and hopefully the feeders become more active.

So these images are not my best by any means, but they are the best of what I achieved with a new camera on the wrong settings, so they are an achievement on their own to have survived the cull.  I hope you enjoy them.

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