Hihi (Stitchbird)

IMG_5722-blogToday is a public holiday so no work!  Yay!  We woke up to great weather so headed off to Zealandia for the morning. I had seen a photo of an Eastern Rosella nest with chicks and I wanted to find and photograph the nest if I could.  It meant looking for the unknown which is always a crap shoot.  None of the Zealandia staff knew where it was and the one person who did know, wasn’t there  yet. I wasn’t the only one looking either, there were a bunch of other photographers there all with the same goal.IMG_5567-blogI didn’t find what I was looking for so as we were on one of the upper tracks, we headed to Discovery area where there is a feeding station for the Hihi (Stitchbird). It is quite a hike up a long flight of steps and by the time I reached the top of the stairs I was ready to sit with the birds for a while and relax.  The hihi are quick movers with the male birds brighter in colour than the females. Trying to focus on fast moving objects became the challenge of the day. In the end I focused on the tree and waited. IMG_5732-blog   IMG_5685-blog   IMG_5655-blog  IMG_5644-blog   IMG_5594-blog   IMG_5734-blog

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