More from Zealandia

One of the reasons I wanted to go to Zealandia was to give me some idea of the improvement in my feet.  My last visit was just before an appointment with my surgeon, and yesterday’s visit is no different.  I was surprised by how far I was able to walk without pain and compared to the last visit the improvement is huge.  I just haven’t noticed it that much because it has been so slow. 

I am hoping the xrays also show improvement and I can avoid another surgery. The best thing is that today I can still walk so I haven’t over done it!  I needed a full recovery day after the last visit. This has given me a huge boost of confidence and perhaps I will be able to get out more often now with my camera.

There are still many things I can’t do – getting down low to shoot an image is one of them.  My feet don’t bend like they use to so it makes it near impossible to get back up again.  However I am learning to live with my limitations and make the best of what I can do.  Many birds require a lot of patience and sitting I can do well!

These images are from yesterday’s trip to Zealandia.  The saddleback still teases me – I have yet to get a decent sharp image of them.  You will hear the celebrations when that finally happens, and I am sure it will one day.  The kaka are a delight to photograph, so comical in their antics.

The highlight of the day was when I was walking back to the Visitor Centre and right beside me was a flock of whiteheads. The flit about so fast and with branches all around them it was hard to get a clear shot.  I have never seen them down that low in the valley, usually they are up the top of the tree canopy.

Oh and an update on yesterday’s post.  The experts believe that mama patake has picked up the extra ducklings from another brood somewhere along her journey and is probably none the wiser about doing do.  I still think she is a super mum!

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