Photography on wet and rainy days

We have had a run of very cold wet days of late and the bad weather hasn’t really inspired me to go far with the camera.  I was also getting bored with the silvereyes in our backyard, so we moved the feeder to the front of the house. Now I have a huge glass window between me and the birds.

As it is Winter, the silvereyes are flocking together and visiting our feeder in big numbers, so I am never short of a model and having the different trees for them to perch is has taken away the boredom and given me the opportunity to sit in a nice heated room photographing the birds in the rain.

These images are all from one sitting (cup of tea) and in dull light, but I like the way the plants are providing natural framing of the birds.  Hope you enjoy this set, there will be more to come in the future.  You can also see more if you follow me on Instagram: @toyanzl


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