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blog-IMG_7417Having spent two days in a row over the weekend staking out the kingfisher nest I am surprised at how few images I actually shot of them.  The kingfisher wasn’t there all that much and most of the time was spent just sitting and watching. The same can’t be said for the trip up the hill and down again after I was finished with the Both days we came across the Californian quail sitting on the fence and both days we also found the rest of his family scurrying about in the scrub on the other side of the track. It was almost like the was doing look out duty, warning the family when danger was approaching. blog-IMG_7485Because of where we were, there were also the tuataras to photograph along the track.  They range in size now from teeny tiny youngsters to huge adults. blog-IMG_7529You can walk right past them and not notice them watching you. They are that close – no fences between you and them, you are in their natural habitat and they don’t always like it!  We saw one that would dart back into its burrow as soon as you got close, then creep out again in search of the sun as you left. blog2-IMG_7653The other sun lovers are the damselflies. I can’t resist photographing these tiny insects, they are so delicate and cute.  There are huge numbers of them around the wetland and in the sun especially they can be seen flying   blog-IMG_7635

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