A Brief Visit to Waikanae


Inside the kea aviary at Nga Manu Nature Reserve at Waikanae, we encountered two kea who really weren’t that interested our being there. It was challenging to capture an image of them without netting in the background. Sometimes we just have to get creative and look beyond the norm to achieve an image.

kea foot

I managed to get a nice close up of the one of the kea’s claws, and he was not impressed. The next image is of the kea poking out his tongue. After that we decided to leave them be and move on. It was funny though.

kea poking out its tongue

I am not sure the whio was any more impressed with the camera. They were asleep when we first looked. Then a tour was taken through and the keeper woke them up. Our timing could have been better I think.

whio / blue duck

We passed one of the tui feeders along the way and were surprised to see only bees and wasps taking advantage of it. A LOT of bees and wasps! I grabbed a few quick images before backing off. If I had seen the wasps, I might have left a lot sooner, they are not my favourite flying thing.

Wasps and bees

The kakariki are always good for an image or three. Today it took some enticing to get them where we wanted them. They too had been a part of the tour a little earlier.

Kakariki feasting on tiny nuts
Shag in a tree

We made a quick trip down the the estuary to have a look around. The tide was in so there wasn’t a lot to see. There are always shags about though, either up in the trees or dining on flounder.

Shag swallowing a flounder

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