Wellington on a good day…

It is the middle of Winter and freezing cold most of the time but not today. It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Wellington, no wind, warm sunshine, the perfect day to go visit the Kingfishers. I was a bit late arriving and didn’t really expect to get much but the half hour or so that I was there was so much fun.

I think I am getting better at focusing on the kingfishers before they dive. Timing is everything and it takes practice to know when exactly to lock the focus on the bird. Having the weather conditions near perfect always makes it easier. The water was super still and producing some lovely reflections.

There was a time when I would fire off a 1000+ shots in the hope of getting something useful when I was photographing Kingfishers. Not any more. Today I took 125 images only and so far have trashed about half. There are some more to cull out yet but I have so many images that I am happy with, I am marking it up as a good day!

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