Winter in Brisbane with my grandsons.

1E6A7975We have just returned home from spending two weeks in Brisbane with my son, his wife and their two gorgeous children Lucas and Elijah.  I was very brave and left my birding lens at home so there are very few birds among the many RAW images I have yet to process but I am going to start with one just because I can. This one was at the park on the climbing pyramid.1E6A7904

Elijah was just over five weeks old when I first got to meet him and he looks a lot like his brother did at the same age.  So tiny and so perfect, but what a set of lungs he has in the middle of the night!  Elijah and his Mum are still sorting out feeding issues that commonly trouble premature babies but he is gaining weight at a rapid rate so is doing just fine.1E6A7821

Lucas turned two years old just before we got there and while he wasn’t overly pleased to be dragged to the airport to meet a Nana and Poppa that he hardly knows, he definitely knew the word ‘presents’ when it was mentioned and managed a smile at the thought of them. The two presents that were the top hits were the Fisher Price Camera (because every boy should have a camera) and a child’s equivalent of a tablet – a present from his Great Nana (my mother).1E6A7751

Lucas is very good with technology, especially in the use of his mother’s iphone.  My son found a message on his iphone that Lucas had left him one morning (while he slept) after finding his mother’s phone.  Yep, he called Dad, talked in Minionese or something similar and left a 3 plus minute message. Smart kid!1E6A7766

I loved spending time with my grandsons (and their parents!) and wish I could do it more often. I will be returning to Brisbane often though at best it is only going to be a yearly thing because they are so far away. My next trip will be for Elijah’s first birthday and Lucas’s third birthday and I am already looking forward to it. There wasn’t a lot of opportunities to take photos on this visit but next year when they are both a little bit older I am sure we will have lots of fun with the camera!






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