Going Bush

Each time I head into the bush with my camera, I do so with the expectation of taking photographs of birds.  I am not usually fussy about which bird so long as the image is clear and sharp. So I was a little disappointed yesterday when I spent two hours walking in the bush and only saw two birds!  I could hear lots, but none close enough to photograph.  The two I saw were tomtits, an adult feeding a fledgling.  I was super keen to get a good shot of them feeding but unfortunately I missed them completely.  The two images I did manage where not even worth processing.  So I went bush again today!

This time the sun was not shining, the wind was up and the conditions far from pleasant, but the fantails came out to play for me.  For a very long time I was unable to get a semi-decent image of a fantail, but since I have been using the Lumix G9 I have had way more success with these quick little birds.  The reason for this I believe is that I am no longer restrained by having to always use a monopod to hold the heavy lens.  I am now able to move freely and follow the birds without hesitation and am in no way compromised at all.  With the focus system set up exactly how I need it for the birds in the bush, it is much easier to achieve the type of images I had been seeking for so many years. I talk about this camera a lot, but I won’t apologise for that, it has given me so much pleasure and allowed me so many more opportunities than I had with the old system.  I just love it to bits!

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