Zealandia Opens at Level 2

Finally we get back to Alert Level 2 and Zealandia have a couple of member only days.  I didn’t need to be asked twice, I was on my way there with a couple of fellow photogs who were just as keen to get back into the bush with the birds.  The cobwebs have been dusted off all the camera gear and after following the book-in process, sanitising our hands and checking our bags we were through the gates and on our way.

First stop was to photograph an obliging tui.  He was busy singing about how great it was to have people back in the valley. We totally agreed with him. Then we headed off into the darker bush where it was in fact too dark to get any decent shots. We found lots of North Island Robins but little else.

We thoroughly enjoyed a couple of hours walking around the valley.  Met up with a few people we hadn’t seen in a long while and chatted at the required distance apart. Everyone we passed was very careful to keep their distance.  Even one little girl who was holding her necklace in front of her in what I can only assume was setting her bubble boundary.

It was a time where people turning their back on you was not seen as a snub, it was them protecting themselves when you were passing from them so close. Everyone was doing their best to follow the rules and keep each other safe.  Well done New Zealand!


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