A fishy tale

In all the years I have been visiting the kingfishers at Pauatahanui, all I have ever seen them catch is crabs. I am not complaining about that, they are fun to watch and the crabs make for good images – especially when the kingfisher is bashing them from side to side to kill them. But yesterday

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Hide and seek

Today was sunny, still, and too good to stay indoors no matter how cold it was to start with.  We cruised by the kingfishers at Pauatahanui but due to some construction work there, they were all perched out of reach on the power lines. We moved on. Around at the boatsheds at the Petone Estuary, the

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canvas print

Setting Up Shop

Over the years I have been asked by many people if I sold postcards, greeting cards and such like with my images on.  Until now I have had to say “sorry no”.  Finally I have put some effort into sorting my images and putting them onto some products.I started with the NZ Dotterel postcards due

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